Car hire in Javea with Pets

Car Hire Oliva with Pets

Looking for car hire in Oliva with dogs and pets? Are you planning a vacation or a long trip in a rental car? Then you will make sure you can bring your pet on the trip. As part of the family, it is important that your pets also gets involved in your travels. The majority of car rental companies in Oliva will allow pets in their vehicles as long as you agree with their terms, and these are related to keeping your car clean. For most responsible animal owners, this is not a problem.

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Often it is difficult to find information about which car rental companies in Javea that allow pets in their rental cars. A straightforward rule is that most large car hire companies in Oliva allow pets in the car, and when you make your order it is important to check the terms and conditions.

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Car hire in Oliva with dogs and pets

The biggest concern a car hire company will have is in terms of the cleanliness of the car, and an additional fee may be required if the car requires more than a regular cleaning after rental. Please note that if your dog or pet caused unreasonable damage to your rental car, you will be liable for any cost of repairing the car. With that in mind, we have gathered some top tips to help you with your vehicle when traveling with pets.

Choose the right rental car in Oliva for your pets

Any comfortable and safe long-distance dog and pets travel requires you to choose the right rental car for your trip. Remember that all family members, both large and small, should sit well, without having luggage in their lap. Pets also needs plenty of space, so it is important that you choose large enough car for your needs. Large pets requires much more space than a small pet, so it is important that you think about which rental car in Oliva you choose for the trip.

Tips when traveling with pets in a rental car

A trip can be fun. A trip with your pet is even more fun. Here are some tips when traveling with pets in a rental car in Oliva. Good to know so you don`t get any surprises on the way.

  • Use seat protection and blankets – To prevent seat wear and for easier cleaning of hair from pets. Keeping clean the car is a priority, especially if it is a hire car. To avoid the costly cleaning fees that car hires apply and saving you the time it requires to clean from fur an unprotected surface, best to cover seats and car boot surfaces as soon as you get the car keys.
  • Safety – There are risks both for your dog and for you in case you have an accident and your dog is not properly secured. When in a vehicle make sure dogs or pets are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly. A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.
  • Take breaks often – Take regular breaks throughout your journey. It is necessary for both the driver and the dog. Do not hesitate to stop more often than you think is necessary, because animals can also become car sick. Stress, anxiety and discomfort can cause vomiting and / or nausea, and sometimes it is helpful to make sure you have pills to keep our four-legged friends from becoming car-sick.
  • Don’t leave your pet in a parked car – Cars can get very hot during the day, and if you want a quick trip through the shop, make sure you have a window open so the dog gets fresh air.
  • Clean the car thoroughly after use – Stop at a gas station and spend 1 euro to clean the car inside after use. It can save you from getting a extra charge from the car hire company if they don`t think the interior is clean enough.
  • Make sure the car smells fresh for the next user – If the car “smell like a wet dog”, maybe you should make sure its clean and make sure it smells fresh.

The best advice is to treat your rental car in Oliva as you would with your own new car and take care of it when traveling with your pets. Then everybody is happy and have a good experience with car hire with dogs and pets.